Massage Therapy Center of Sandy 


Additional Therapies

Cranio Sacral Therapy
Balancing the central nervous system and spinal column, enabling the healing process for a number of sensory, motor and neurological disabilities.

Primary intake
90 minute  $115
60 minute  $70 
90 minute  $100

CST w/Massage
90 minute  $115

A Japanese style of massage that loosens connective tissue, lengthens muscle tendons and increases joint mobility by focusing on acupressure points and meridians.

60 minute   $75


38971 Pioneer Blvd.
Sandy, OR 97055


Table Top
Thai Massage
Slow compression, rhythmic movement, deep stretching, assisted yoga, and acupressure work.

Between 75 -
90 minutes  $90

The practitioner places their hands on specific points of the clients body to transfer & balance energy.

60 minute  $65
30 minute  $40


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